With the Blessings of Thamaramkulangara Sree Dharmasastha, this site was designed and developed as an offering to Thamaramkulangara Sree Dharmasastha with the whole hearted support and guidance from Mr. Ajith R.R , Lecturer, Govt Engg College Kottayam, without whom this project have been unsuccessful.
I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt Gratitude to
  • Sri. Hari  S Kartha, Thamaramkulangara, Tripunithura for the inspiration
  • Sri. Sivadas Varma, Thamaramkulangara, Tripunithura for the initial content
  • Sri. Anup Babu, IBM, Bangalore for his association by providing his hardware and software for the initial launch
  • Sri. Rohit Varma, Thamaramkulangara, Tripunithura for the technical guidance and inspiration
This site was first hosted on 1999 October 28.
The domain name for this site was first registered and hosted for free by Sri. Prabhu Ram, Infowave India , Hyderabad as an offerring to Lord Sree Dharmasastha of Thamaramkulangara in 2005 till 2011.
Since 2011, its been taken care by me, again as an offering to Lord Sree Dharmasastha of Thamaramkulangara.
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